No traveling whitout innovation, and that's where Davidts' expertise lies since 1949.


Since its creation, more than 70 years ago, on the eve of the golden age of aviation, Davidts has been amongst the most innovative luggage manufacturers in the world. It inherits that innovative strength from a long family history in the development of travel supplies that goes back to the 18th century. Davidts has always been a forerunner in handling new materials and developing new designs to make traveling as stylish and enjoyable as possible. We are therefore very proud to present you herewith the milestones of our tradition of constant innovation in terms of design and technology within the luggage sector.
Our story starts in the early 18th century with Bertrand Davidts who emigrated at the time with his family from Belgium to the Netherlands, known then as the centre of the craft of basketry. He settles nearby Maastricht where he starts working as one of the many basket makers.
This craft will continue to play a major role within the Davidts family, all the way to the generation of Jean Davidts, the founder of our current company and the last basket maker of the family. He will continue practicing the craft until the year 2000, and will leave his tools and some special items to various museums.
Jean Davidts opens his first store in 1949 in which he started selling the products of his craft also directly to the end-users. This mainly concerned picnic baskets and other everyday wicker items for transporting and storing goods. From here, he quickly expanded his range to include leather travel bags and jewelry boxes for the - at that moment in time - booming travel industry and the ever-growing number of tourists in the post-war period.
At the dawn of the jet era, Jean Davidts pushes aside his main activity as a basket maker in 1955 and devotes himself entirely in the production and sales of travel bags and suitcases. Business is going well and Davidts already manages more than 5 travel & leather goods stores in Belgium at the start of the world exposition of 1958.
Due to the rapidly increasing prosperity and globalization, Davidts was one of the first in the early 1970s to produce polyprop cases for an ever-growing target group of travelers, adventurers and business people.
Since the 18th century, David's identity has been constantly evolving towards the rapidly developing world around it.
Now, in 2019, it is not different, today Davidts proudly introduces its new vision and concept for the DAVIDTS brand with a contemporary look. Its new logo stands for a renewed start, it represents the ideal symbol for the link between Davidts' persistent pursuit of progress and constant attention to its rich heritage.