How to choose the perfect luggage for my next trip?

There's no single piece of luggage that is perfect for all trips. To choose the best one for your upcoming trips, you have to consider several factors, from the size to the luggage's type and features. Davidts made this quick Beginner's Guide up to help you finding your own travel companion.

1. The Right Size

Are you going on a city-trip or a two-week journey? There are so many important aspects you have to consider when you want to choose the perfect luggage size.

  • First of all, you have to check the luggage allowance of each airline you’ll be traveling with (and avoid excess baggage fees).  
  • Think about the souvenirs you probably want to bring for family, friends and even yourself. The lighter your luggage, the more souvenirs you can bring home. 
  • Luggage sizes we recommend according the type of trip : 

- Short trip/Week-end : cabin case with a height under 56cm.

- One or two-week trip : medium size with a height around 66 - 70 cm.  

- 3 week vacation : luggage of more than 70 cm. 

  • Don’t buy a large suitcase just because you don’t have one. Especially if you’re travelling alone. You have to feel comfortable with it.

2. The different types

Are you more comfortable with a hard or soft suitcase? This depends on your personal preference and what kind of traveler you are. But you need to know that both have their advantages.

1. Hard Case Luggage

Over the years, there has been a clear trend towards hardside case. This type of luggage offers a little more protection of what's inside. That’s the more durable choice but also the heaviest.

3 types of hardcase : 

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic polymer which offers a good resistance to shocks. But they are less resistant and heavier than Polycarbonate suitcases. They are therefore less expensive and are good if you are looking for an affordable alternative

- Polycarbonate is a plastic material known for its high resistance to shocks, scratches and deformation. It’s a good choice if you want a more durable luggage

Polypropylene is a resistant material too. Suitcases in polypropylene are lighter than those in polycarbonate material. Eminently it can be a suitable choice for a long journey. However they are not as flexible or damage resistant as polycarbonate.

Polypropylene is generally a great choice because it offers the most versatility in terms of light weight and durability.

2. Soft Case Luggage

Soft Case Luggage are the less popular choice because they don't offer a high protection for fragile items inside. But it depends if you plan to travel with fragile items. Softside cases are lighter and more flexible in terms of space allowance and item shape. 

One of our Softside Luggage bestseller is the Aquarius Luggage. It offers the qualities of a Soft Luggage (light and flexible) with great features like its 4-wheel with 360 degrees moving and TSA lock.

Aquarius Luggage is available in cabin, medium and large size.

 3. Features to consider before buying a luggage

  •  Wheels 

The type of wheels is a vital factor when you choose your luggage. Your travel comfort depends a lot on it. 
4 wheel luggage are more and more common because they offer a 360 degrees moving and the maneuvering is generally easier. 

  • Expandability 

The expandability feature can be found on our X-Treme collection for example. It enables you to increase your packing space by unzipping the expandable compartment. It can be a great feature to have on a hardside suitcase.

  • Compartments

If you are planning a business trip, the Carry-On suitcase with a front compartment is a good choice. A pop-open exterior compartment can be used to store a laptop, tablet, passport or other travel essentials. We recommend you the Flying Business Suitcase which may contain 13,3" laptop. If you have a 17" laptop, then go for the Wallaby Suitcase.




  • Security Locks 

In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires access to luggage without the passenger being present. So you need to have a TSA lock on your luggage.

Most of our new suitcases have a fixed TSA combination lock. However, if there is no TSA lock on the luggage, you can buy 3 Digit Padlock on our website. 

  • Waterproof Materials 

Softside luggage can be less water resistant compared hard suitcases. So we made a soft luggage with a waterproof zipper that gives a maximum protection for your valuable items like expensive watches or a camera. You can find it here

 4. Final Tip for choosing your luggage

If you are traveling by air, we recommend you to bring along a luggage scale to weight your suitcase before going to the airport. In order to make sure that you are below the weight limit. You can buy one here.

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