Air Baltic x DAVIDTS

Made to mesure has been one of Davidts' know-how for 15 years. Faced with demand, we have considerably increased our customization works over the past 2 years. Zoom on one of them, our project with the airline company: Air Baltic.

It’s in 2018 that our collaboration with Air Baltic has start. The Latvian airline wanted to order and personalize one of our Pilot Case models with the application of their own logo. This is the kind of project that we have to manage frequently. However, each request is unique and we make a point of adapting our solutions.

Made to Measure is more than a service. It is an experience. Davidts transforms customers’ ideas into reality with flexible technologies and a great human team. Each project combines design and functionality to provide a solution that suits your needs.

The process begins with our sales representative who will listen to the customer’s request. In the case of Air Baltic, the discussion started during our meeting at a trade show. At this point, it is essential for us to understand the customers’ idea and vision.

Then comes the research and design work in our workshops in Liège, Belgium, with the help of our designer. Thanks to our selection of State of the Art suppliers, we are able to carry out customizations with variable types of technology, digital printing or embroidery for example.

We also work with all types of material to better meet the request. We work in particular with recyclable materials, because the world changes and the way we travel has to change too. In any case, we use the finest materials for the finest clientele. The solution will stay true to your brand and respect your standards. The first sample is a crucial step in the process. After the customers’ feedback, modifications made and approval, the production can start.

During this process, we ensure a real quality monitoring and we notify the customer of the order’s progress. Obviously, we are in regular contact with our production partners to make sure that deadlines are respected. We are proud to say that our collaboration with Air Baltic has been going on for 2 years.

This long term collaboration is based on reliability, listening and above all, mutual trust.

Please, feel free to contact us at for your customization request. We would be pleased to transform your ideas into reality.